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Italy Tour!

May 13, 2009

Hello all!

We are extremely happy to announce the Madeira’s summer Italian tour! Through the unceasing efforts of Lorenzo Valdambrini, head of Surfer Joe Music (his surf music promotion organization), we will be playing seven shows in northern Italy between July 26th and August 1st. Here are the dates (with cities and clubs/events):

26 Jul – Livorno – Surfer Joe Summer Fest
27 Jul – La Spezia – La Skaletta
28 Jul – Trieste – Ausonia
29 Jul – San Marino – American Graffiti
30 Jul – Viareggio – Corsaro Rosso
31 Jul – Livorno – Effetto Venezia
1 Aug – Rosignano – Vespa Meeting

Our first show will be the headlining gig on the third and final night of the amazing Surfer Joe festival, featuring over the course of a weekend some of the very best surf bands in the world today, among them Pollo Del Mar, Los Twang! Marvels, the Kilaueas, Los Coronas, the Bradipos IV, Rev Hank of Urban Surf Kings, Lorenzo’s own band the Wadadli Riders, and at least another dozen others! Wow!

We’re extremely grateful to Lorenzo for working so hard to make this happen and offering us to play this incredible festival. He is probably the hardest working man in surf music today, putting his all into making surf music more visible and more accessible. A truly remarkable guy!

We have one more US show (possibly our final for the year) prior to our Italian trek: Saturday, May 30th in Champaign, IL with our dear friends, the always-fantastic Cocktail Preachers! (Incidentally, we’ll also be celebrating our fifth anniversary at this show, our first show having been on June 5th, 2004. Five years – wow, time flies when you’re having fun!) So, hope to see some US surf fans in Champaign in just over two weeks, and some Italian and Euro surf fans in Italy in July and August!

Enjoy the Spring!

– The Madeira

March 29, 2009

Hello all Madeira aficionados!

We mentioned last summer that we will be appearing in a major new documentary on the history of surf music called Sound of the Surf. The film is still in production, and should be out this summer. As a preview, the producer Thomas Duncan has released this promo clip of the Madeira performing our song “Crescent Moon,” shot last August in Orange County, CA:

(You can also see it on Video page of our official site or at the top of our MySpace site) The HQ version should appear in a short while. (Note that the movie itself will be in HD, but space and time constraints forbid the HD version of the above video from being available at this time.)

Expect similiar videos in the next few months from Slacktone, the Surfaris, Laika & the Cosmonauts, Meshugga Beach Party, the Barbwires, the Bitch Boys, the Eliminators and Eddie Bertrand. If you subscribe to the above YouTube channel you will be notified as Tom releases all those clips. Enjoy!

(See some discussion of the above clip on Surf Guitar 101)

We’d also like to remind everyone about our Indy show on Friday, April 10th (with Destination: Earth! and Frankie Camaro’s Atomic Bombay) as well as announce a show in Champaign, IL on Saturday, May 30th (with the Cocktail Preachers!). Please see our Gigs page for more details. These will be our only local shows until the Fall as we’ll be doing a European tour this Summer! More on that in the next news update….

Enjoy the Spring and hope to see you at one of these two shows!
The Madeira

PS Check out this nice recent article about the band. Or just go the Press page on our website!

Carpe Noctem - Pipeline's Album of the Year!!

March 01, 2009

Hello all!

After some extended downtime, we return with great news: UK’s Pipeline Instrumental Review #79 (Spring 2009) declared “Carpe Noctem” one of its two Albums of the Year! (We share the honor with Spanish veterans and long-time Pipeline favorites Los Jets.) In addition, both editors still have “Carpe Noctem” at the top of their current playlists in the new issue. Big thanks to Pipeline editors Alan Taylor and Dave Burke for this wonderful gesture – we are completely stoked!

Also, after a more-than-six-month-break the Madeira will be returning to playing live on Friday, April 10th. And it will be a very special night, as this will also be DESTINATION: EARTH’s 10th ANNIVERSARY REUNION SHOW!! That’s right, D:E! are back, and Patrick, errr, I mean Commander 007 will have a busy and exhausting night! Also partaking in all the fun will be Frankie Camaro’s Atomic Bombay. We hope you can join us for what is sure to be an unforgettable evening!

Stay tuned for some more exciting news coming very soon!

– The Madeira

We're #1!

December 09, 2008

Hello all!!

We wanted to share some good news with all of you. Most of you probably know that Pipeline magazine (from England) is probably thee premiere zine in the surf/instro world. Alan Taylor, one of the two editors, in the new issue (#78) has “Carpe Noctem” as the NUMBER ONE of his Top Ten favorites of the last six months! He also gives the CD a great review, which you can now read on our website (While there, please check out also the newly translated transcript of The Vault, the Spanish radio show that picked “Carpe Noctem” as their Album of the Week last month.)

What a great way to finish off a truly wonderful year for the Madeira! We thank you very deeply for all your support, and we hope to see as many of you as possible in 2009. We hope to have some good news about that soon – stay tuned.

We wish you very happy holidays, and a great new year!

– The Madeira

Hear us on the 'net!

November 06, 2008

We are on hiatus until the spring, but you can hear us on the internet. First, the Surf Guitar 101 Podcast #4 features the second part of Ivan and Dane’s interview (conducted in Hermosa Beach on the night of the Surf Guitar 101 convention in early August) – in addition to all sorts of killer surf music (mostly from the sixties this time around). You can download the episode here and check out some comments about it here.

We also found out a few days ago that the song “Carpe Noctem” was selected the Record of the Week on “El Sótano” (“The Cellar”), an hour-long weekly surf/garage/frat show on Spanish National Radio! They also played “Wreak Havoc!” and “SOS (Stomp on Stomp)” and talked about the band (in Spanish, of course!), the Double Crown label and our labelmates the Surfites. Check it out! (If the streamed signal doesn’t work very well, you can download the entire episode by clicking on the green Descargar button.)

Enjoy and see you in the spring!

– The Madeira


August 30, 2008

Two members of the Madeira have been keeping busy over the past few months with some outside activities that we’d like to tell you about.

Ivan is a guest guitarist on the track “Magyara” by Frankie & the Pool Boys, a new CD masterminded by Ferenc Dobronyi of Pollo Del Mar, now out on Double Crown Records. Ferenc recorded this CD during the recent Pollo Del Mar break with the help of a bunch of friends, including Dusty Watson (Slacktone, Agent Orange, Dick Dale, Jon & the Nightriders), Dave Wronski (Slacktone, Jon & the Nightriders), Shigeo Naka (the Surf Coasters), Danny Snyder (the TomorrowMen, Meshugga Beach Party) and more. It is a simply remarkable album, but don’t take our word for it – check out some of the songs, including “Magyara,” here (And make sure you take a look at the two videos on the site, especially “Ewa on the Beach” which is HIGHLY recommended, both the song AND the video! :) )

Ivan also wrote a lengthy feature for the new Continental zine (issue #15) on Dick Dale. It is an in-depth review of the recent Sundazed reissues of Dale’s sixties’ albums, complete with the historical background on each album. Read a bit more about it and order here.

Patrick has been extremely productive as singer, guitarist and primary songwriter with his other band the Shake Ups, who will be releasing their second CD, “Breathing the Flood”, next week. They’ll be following it up with a bunch of shows in the SoCal area. The Shake Ups play super-catchy power-pop, and you can hear two phenomenal tracks from the new album (and see more about their upcoming live dates) on their myspace site.

We hope you pick up all the above releases and enjoy them – we give them all Eight Thumbs Up (which only requires four hands from the Carpe Noctem cover)!

– The Madeira

August 22, 2008

Hello all!

We very much hope you’re enjoying the summer. We wanted to update you on all the recent and upcoming activities in the Madeira camp.

First of all, our short SoCal tour was an unqualified success!! We played San Diego, Hermosa Beach and Huntington Beach between August 1st and 3rd, and each show was better than the previous one – and together they are probably the highlight of our four years together. You can go here to read some comments posted on the Surf Guitar 101 forum by various witnesses (we compiled the comments about the Madeira only, since the original forum thread is currently up to 15 pages!) . You can also see photos from all three shows here. It was great to see so many old friends, make several new ones and play with MANY amazing surf bands (including Pollo del Mar, Slacktone, the Secret Samurai, and many, many others)! In particular we must thank Ryan Ruiz of the Secret Samurai for going way above and beyond the call of duty helping us set up the San Diego show, make available his band’s practice space AND provide his band’s gear to us; also, Ferenc Dobronyi of Pollo del Mar and Frankie & the Pool Boys for helping with all three shows. We should also recognize the amazing work done by Jeff “Big Tiki Dude” for the Surf Guitar 101 Convention on Saturday at Suzie’s in Hermosa Beach, which was an unforgettable, even legendary, event and one that made our whole trip so much more special! Finally, we would like to thank Linda Miller of the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum for adding us to the Sunday’s lineup and providing an opportunity to play our probably most memorable show to date (and also lining up some incredible amps, owned by Matt Quilter of the Reventlos, and drums for us). Playing right in front of the Huntington Beach Pier, next to the beach, close to where it all began for surf music, on a perfect day – well, it doesn’t really get any better than that. (Please at the very least take a look at the Huntington Beach photos to get some idea of the weekend we had!) We certainly hope we can do all this again next year.

Second, we are THRILLED to announce that we will be in the upcoming surf music documentary called “Sound of the Surf”. This is a fully professional production with highly active involvement by legendary guitarist and surf music historian John Blair (Jon & the Nightriders). We were recorded performing seven songs in hi-def with multiple cameras and multitrack audio in a controlled studio environment the Monday after our SoCal shows. We also did a lengthy on-camera interview with two of the founders of surf music, Eddie Bertrand (Eddie & the Showmen, the Belairs) and Paul Johnson (the Belairs, the Surfaris), as well as John Blair, to be included in the movie. That was quite surreal and pretty incredible. The movie is scheduled to be released in the Spring or Summer of ’09, so we’ll all have to be patient (the plan right now is to market it heavily, including advertising on network TV, and hopefully a theatrical release before the film comes out on DVD, too). We would like to extend our deep thanks to producer/director Tom Duncan, John Blair and Tim Ferrill for including us in this film, which we expect will drastically raise the profile of the entire genre – and may in fact launch it to heights previously unseen! (Incidentally, one of the more remarkable experiences of our SoCal trip was having Eddie “Squad Car” Bertrand singing our praises – even on camera – and taking a keen interest in making us look good during the video shoot! Absolutely remarkable. One could call it a dream-come-true, but who’d ever dare dream of something so completely fantastical! See some photos from the taping here)

Finally, we are not done yet for the year. We will be headlining “Surf Explosion 2” on Friday, September 19th, in Cincinnati, OH, for which we will be joined by our good friends the Surge (Atlanta, GA) as well as Don’t Fear the Reverb (Cincinnati, OH). The most amazing thing about this show is that it will be held in the historical Memorial Hall which seats 610 people, and it will be vigorously marketed far and wide, including bringing big-name sponsors on board. This will be by far the biggest show we have played yet, and we expect it to be very special. We hope many of you that are not in Cincinnati but within driving distance will consider making the trek to be there – we think you’ll find it worthwhile. The promoters of the show are also aiming to increase the public awareness of modern surf music to the point where they can hold larger surf music events several times a year – and we think you will all agree that this is a VERY worthy goal! (We also hope to play a show in Chicago the following day, Saturday, September 20th, with the Cocktail Preachers and Roger & the Wraybands. We already booked a venue but just a few days ago found out out of the blue that it is closing down permanently, so we are now looking for an alternative location. We hope we can find something – please keep an eye out on our Gigs page for any updates on that.)

That’s it – whew! Lots going on. Thanks for reading this far, and we hope you have been enjoying “Carpe Noctem” for the last couple of months (and if not, you clearly haven’t gotten it yet – so, what are you waiting for?? :). We also hope to see some of you in Cincinnati and maybe in Chicago.

Best regards,
Ivan, Patrick, Todd, Dane
The Madeira

Madeira Interview on SurfGuitar101 Podcast

August 20, 2008

Hello all:

The brand new podcast features a 15-minute interview with Ivan, Dane and Todd (conducted just over two weeks ago in SoCal as part of the Surf Guitar 101 Convention), two songs from our new CD “Carpe Noctem,” as well as an additional hour of some amazing surf music from around the world! (The second part of our interview will appear in the next podcast, in about a month.) As you’ll hear, we had a really good day – and show – before the interview and were in a happy and relaxed mood! Huge thanks go to Danny Snyder (the TomorrowMen, Meshugga Beach Party, Pollo del Mar) for doing such a wonderful job with the interview, and to Lady Reverb for hosting a great show and including us in it!

The podcast can be found here. It is also downloadable direct from iTunes for free – just search within iTunes for and download episode 3.

We hope you enjoy it.
The Madeira

– The Madeira

Live in Indy This Friday

June 21, 2008

Our new CD Carpe Noctem has been officially out for about three weeks, and the initial feedback and informal reviews are all extremely good! See several of them at Surf Guitar 101.

For Carpe Noctem ordering information, please surf on over to Double Crown. The CD is also now available through CD Baby and for download only through Amazon – for only $8.99!! Two tracks from the album, “The Saracen” and “Undercurrents,” are available for your listening pleasure on our Myspace page, and or you can download them at our new official website at on the Songs page.

In order to get more people hip to the greatness of Carpe Noctem :) , we will be playing the CD release show at the Melody Inn this Friday, June 27th. We’ll be featuring a ton of songs off the new album, which we’ll have for sale (as well as the new t-shirts). Come out and have yourself a great time! (The plan is that we’ll go on third, but this is subject to change).

(3826 N. Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN)
21+ 9:30 p.m.

Our East Coast mini-tour was a total blast and a defnite success! We played to many enthusuiastic surf music fans, and bonded with several fantastic East Coast surf bands. See Ivan’s (lengthy!) report here.
You can also find some show reviews (and photos) by other folks here, here, here (this one has a bunch of pics), and here.

There are also a few videos from our East Coast trek on YouTube now:

We hope to see many of you at the Mel on Friday. After that we’ll start getting ready for our trip to SoCal in early August, which should be amazing!

– The Madeira

Carpe Noctem and East Coast Tour

May 17, 2008

Carpe Noctem Cover

Here we go – our second full-length album “Carpe Noctem” will be officially released on Tuesday, May 27th! It will be initially available exclusively through Double Crown Mail Order ( – and soon after that you’ll be able to find it pretty much everywhere. It’s taken a lot of hard work to get this CD out and we very much hope you will like what you hear – we love it!

We also hope you like our new website: At the moment it looks very similar to our old one, but it’s got a lot more bells and whistles that we will take advantage of in the future. The best thing is that there is new content: two new downloadable songs from “Carpe Noctem”; great photos from our March Indy show; a new t-shirt now available for purchase; and complete information for all our upcoming summer shows (plus some nifty fliers!).

Speaking of shows, our East Coast trek is in only six days! Washington, DC, Asbury Park, NJ and New York, NY, joined by some of the finest surf bands around today (see Shows for all the details). It’s our first time playing on the East Coast as a band, and we can’t wait. The bonus for those that come to the gigs is that we expect to have advance copies of “Carpe Noctem” available for sale – you can be among the first people in the world to have the new Madeira CD! Looking beyond this short tour, we will have an Indy CD release show in late June, and then we return to SoCal for a whirlwind three-day tour in early August. Lots of activity ahead (by our standards, anyway!), and we sincerely hope to see many of you during all these travels.

Have a great summer, and enjoy our new CD!

– The Madeira