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October 12, 2005

We agreed to let an Indy indie webzine Jake Magazine use two of our tracks (Cordoba and Burning Mirage) for their October issue. So, if you want to hear an album preview, go here:

– Ivan

September 24, 2005

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long delay in news updates. We’ve had a very busy and productive couple of months. The July shows in Indy and Chicago were a big success, and we got a fantastic reception – big thanks to all of you that came out for those. If you weren’t there check out the Videos and Photos to see what things were like. Quite a surf party!

Following these two shows we were completely focused on one task: recording our debut CD. We recorded all the tracks (17 altogether!) on July 29th and 30th, with only a few overdubs added later. Since then we have been busy trying to get the mixes right. We ended up abandoning all the mixes we did on July 31st, and starting from scratch on August 20th and 21st. These were MUCH better. We returned to the studio for some tweaks on September 21st, and the mixes are almost completely done at this point. One more hour in the studio will do it, and we hope to do that very soon. The recordings turned out extremely well, powerful and energetic, and we can’t wait for the CD to be out. Ferenc (Dobronyi, of Pollo Del Mar ) is currently working on the artwork, and we hope to have everything completed in the next three weeks. Double Crown Records is shooting for a mid-December release date, which seems an eternity away! But it’ll be here before we know it. (Incidentally, we decided to take four of the recorded tracks for a future EP release rather than including them on the CD – otherwise, it would have been almost an hour long. Stay tuned for more info about that.) Finally, we have another Indy show coming up. On Friday, October 28th we’ll be returning to the coolest live-music venue in Indy, the historic The Melody Inn. We’ll be playing with three non-surf bands, so it’ll be chance to spread the 'gospel’ to the infidels! We hope you can join us for that. Our next show after that will hopefully be the CD-release show, sometime in December or January. That’s it for the moment. Enjoy your Fall, and check back frequently for the updates on the progress of the CD. PS Please check out our new Buy section where you’ll find some brand new Madeira t-shirts and stickers for sale. Hope you like 'em!

– Ivan

April 29, 2005

We recently had a major shake-up in the band line-up. Due to increasing family obligations, Scott Waddell has departed the Madeira. We wish him all the best in the future, and will miss playing with him. We were fortunate enough to find another talented bass player with a love of the reverbed sounds in the person of Todd Fortier. Todd is from Indianapolis, and has been playing bass for over twenty years. He loves his bass gear, and has played many different styles of music over the years. This is his first surf music band and we are greatly looking forward to reaching new milestones with him in our ranks, including recording our debut CD, slated for July. Todd’s premiere performance with us will be on lucky Friday the 13th (of May) in Hillsdale, Michigan. Stay tuned for more news about both Todd as well as our upcoming recording session. New gigs! Head over to the shows page and check them out!

– Ivan

March 05, 2005

Several reviews were added to the press section.

– Brian

February 19, 2005

Go to the press section and check out an interview with Ivan Pongracic that was featured in the Hillsdale Collegian.

– Brian

January 29, 2005

Another mp3 has been posted! The song is called Burning Mirage and it kills! Go to the songs section and check it out!

– Brian

January 22, 2005

I’ve just received updated recordings of the mp3’s from Ivan. These were taken from a recent rehearsal session. Go to the songs section and check them out!

– Brian

January 12, 2005

We've had a very good Fall, with several shows and a bunch of new songs added to the setlist. Our next show is on Saturday, 22nd of January, in Ivan and Scott's place of residence, the glorious Hillsdale, Michigan! We hope some of you will be there. After this show the band will take some time off to allow Dane AND Scott to help their wives deliver their new babies! This will the second for both of them. Big congratulations! Look for us again in May or June, once our rhythm section has caught up a bit on sleep. Meanwhile, we have some exciting additions and changes planned for the site, including some new songs plus a few surprises. Stay put and please check back often. Thanks, and we hope you have a great winter and Spring!

– Ivan

November 03, 2004

Hello all; After a brief down-time, The Madeira will be playing a couple of shows over the next month or so. We’ll be playing our first all-ages show on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13th, with longtime local faves RED LEADER (not a surf band), among others. This is a somewhat last-minute addition to our schedule. The show will take place at BUBBA’S BOWLING CLUB (what a name!!) in downtown Indy, and we’ll be going on very early, between 7 and 8pm.

The band has been hard at work on some new original material, and we will probably unveil some of it at this event! A bit down the road, we have the return of the 'SURF ROCK NIGHT’! The MELODY INN will be hosting a special encore presentation of 'SURF ROCK NIGHT,’ which will be held on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10th. Joining the Madeira will be the premier American SHADOWS tribute band THE TROUBADOURS, as well as the not-so-surfy-but-still-really-fun-and-rockin’-in-a-sorta-surfy-way DESTINATION: EARTH! Check out some video footage of the Madeira and Destination: Earth! from the last 'SURF ROCK NIGHT’ here. Hope to see some of you at the shows, and please invite as many others as possible!

– Ivan

September 06, 2004

I've updated the page with photos and videos from the second gig on August 6th. Scroll down and check them out!

– Brian