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July 02, 2006

Ruins Cover

Our “All That’s Left Are Ruins” California Tour begins in just a few weeks! We will be playing eight shows between July 21st and July 30th, starting in San Diego, finishing in San Francisco, and hitting many stops along the way (for a complete listing of the gigs, click on the Shows button on the left). Joining us will be nearly a 'who’s who’ of modern surf music, including Slacktone (for three shows), Pollo Del Mar, Insect Surfers, The Pyronauts, The Neptunes, The Glasgow Tiki Shakers, and The Sand Devils.

Double Crown Records will be releasing our brand-new, 5-track CD-EP “Ruins” just in time for the tour. The official release will be in August, but you will be able to buy the CD from us at our California shows. This is an all-covers release, with the following tracks:

The total length is close to 15 minutes. These tracks were recorded last summer during the “Sandstorm” sessions, and they reflect some of our influences and our appreciation of fellow purveyors of exotic and hard-hitting surf music.

We very much hope we will get to see many of you this month. Have a great summer!

– Ivan

February 13, 2006

On Sunday, February 19th DJ Tom Stanger will be devoting much of his one-hour show Beyondo Mondo Record Party to the music of the Madeira and the Space Cossacks. You can hear his show at 11 pm EST on 91.3 from Akron, OH, or you can listen online at Tune in and check it out, it's gonna be rockin'!

Also, for those of you still in the Valentine's Day mood, we can recommend the world's only 'zombie romance' movie Zombie Honeymoon! This is an highly-acclaimed indie movie (five stars on Amazon) that was released on DVD on Valentine's Day, and has a soundtrack chock-full of surf-music, including the Space Cossacks' "Black Sand"! Other surf bands featured are the Fathoms, Los Mel-Tones, the Brimstones, and a few others.

Zombie Honeymoon at

(For more multimedia with good music, pick up "Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer" video game, with a soundtrack featuring the Space Cossacks' "Solaris Stomp", in addition to songs by other well-known surf musicians such as Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson and Perry Farrell...?)

January 28, 2006

We got a couple of nice write-ups in Indianapolis press recently. chose the Madeira as their Artist Of The Week, and ran a lengthy story on us. It was supposed to tie in to our CD release show on 1/27, but alas, as you know, no show for us. However, we'll still happily take the publicity! is also running an Artist Of The Week ad in Nuvo, one of two Indianapolis free weeklies. Check out the article here. As they say, when it rains, it pours! Here's the other feature, in the InTake Weekly, the other Indianapolis free weekly magazine.

– Ivan

January 17, 2006

We have some interesting links for you. First of all, the actual island of Madeira has discovered, well, The Madeira! Check out this very interesting blog entry at Blog.Thoughts.Madeira. Hmmm…maybe a tour is not too far off! The 3rd Eye Surfer blog has picked up the review of our new CD from surf fan/musician Danny Snyder. You can read it here.

And here are two more places you can purchase our new CD 'Sandstorm’:

– Ivan

Breaking News...

January 13, 2006

Yesterday Dane, our drummer, did something very drummer-like - he fell of a bike and broke his arm. The doctor put him in a sling and a splint for two weeks, and told him no drumming for 4-6 weeks. He should be fine after that, but the upshot is that the Madeira will not be playing our Indianapolis CD release show on the 27th.

We don't know yet if the club will want to cancel the show or proceed with it anyway, with Destination: Earth! and the Reluctant Aquanauts, and maybe add one more band. Stay tuned, and we will let you know as soon as we find out.

We're all very disappointed, as you can imagine, especially since this was our CD release show. But we very much hope we can reschedule it once Dane is fully healed. We will keep you posted.

You can send get-well greetings to Dane (if any of you are inclined to do so) at

– Ivan

December 30, 2005

I’m very happy to announce that the official release show for our new CD 'Sandstorm’ (Double Crown) will take place on FRIDAY, JANUARY 27th at The Melody Inn, in Indianapolis. Also performing will be Chicago’s trad-meisters THE RELUCTANT AQUANAUTS (their first appearance in Indianapolis) and Vector Sigma’s DESTINATION: EARTH! (their first public performance for the citizens of the third planet in over a year!!) This is gonna be a fun, fun, FUN show, and you should not miss it! Book those flights now, get on the train, start hitch-hiking, whatever it takes! :) Of course, I’m kidding, but we do hope to see at least some of you at this show. For show details, head over to the shows page.

– Ivan

December 17, 2005

Our new CD Sandstorm is now available from Double Crown Records! Please check the Merchandise page for ordering information.

December 01, 2005

The Best of the Space Cossacks Cover

Ivan’s old band The Space Cossacks launch into orbit AGAIN! November 15th unveiled “Never Mind The Bolsheviks – The Best of the Space Cossacks” on MuSick Recordings. It features 24 songs, culled from their two now-out-of-print albums as well as some previously unreleased and live tracks. Check out more info about it at the Space Cossacks’ new website (soon to be fully updated).

– Ivan

November 12, 2005

Sandstorm Cover

We’re rapidly approaching the official release of our debut CD, titled "Sandstorm"! It will be available December 13th from the Double Crown website and soon after from iTunes, and other internet retailers.

Sandstorm Track Listing:

  1. Sun & Sand
  2. Sandstorm!
  3. Cordoba
  4. El Caliph
  5. Burning Mirage
  6. Rogue Wave
  7. The Secret Route
  8. Desert Drums
  9. Ricochet
  10. Crescent Moon
  11. Across the Dunes
  12. Express To Baghdad
  13. The Oasis
We will have a CD release show at the The Melody Inn on Friday, January 27th. More details are to come. In the meantime, you can check out the sister magazine of Double Crown Records, The Continental, issue #12, which features our studio recording of The Treble Spankers’ "Dilmohammed" on its sampler CD as well as my interview with the remarkable Norwegian surf band The Beat Tornados, The issue also has a great interview with Satan’s Pilgrims as well as an amazing collection of songs on the sampler CD, including cuts by Phantom Frank (The Phantom Four, ex-Treble Spankers), The Nebulas, The Beat Tornados, The Bitch Boys, Pollo Del Mar, The Cocktail Preachers, The Space Cossacks, The Sellcancers, and many, many more. The issue is available from the Double Crown website. Enjoy the Fall, and check back often for more news.

– Ivan

November 01, 2005

Just posted some pics of the Halloween show at the Melody Indy. Head over to the photos section to check them out!

– Brian