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Patrick's Back!

November 08, 2009

Hi all!

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since the last news update! Wow, time flies….

First of all, we had an AMAZING time in Italy, especially playing the phenomenal Surfer Joe festival! So many great memories… (For some photos and reports go here and here) Massive thanks to Lorenzo Valdambrini for inviting us and taking extremely good care of us. We all very much hope we will be able to go back sooner rather than later!

And let’s not forget the Champaign show in May, which definitely ranks in our top five all-time-best shows – if not even at the very top! What a blast that was! Thanks to Jet Sterling and the entire Champaign crew for making this a very, very special show. (For some photos and reports go here)

You can see some great videos from both of these shows on our Videos page.

Second, there is great news to report: Patrick is back in Indy! After two and a half years in SoCal, he’s found his way back to his home state, and we’re absolutely thrilled to have him back! Look for many more shows in the IN/OH/IL/MI area in ’10 – as well as more activity by everyone’s favorite outer space surfers Destination: Earth!

Finally, we have one last show for ’09 – it’s again at our home away from home, the historic Melody Inn in Indy, on Friday, November 27th (the day after Thanksgiving), with the fantastic Leisure Kings and our friend Frankie Camaro. Come jump around, work up a sweat and get rid of some of those calories from the day before!

Hope to see you in just over three weeks – and a lot more in 2010!

– The Madeira