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Madeira Videos: Huntington Beach Pier 2008

On August 3rd, 2008, the day after the first SG101 convention, we played the Huntington Beach pier for the Huntington Beach International Surf Museum (HBISM), along with Pollo Del Mar, the Aquasonics, Norm Cowell and the Surf Rockers, The Relix, and the Surftones. Tim “HBKahuna” Ferrill was kind enough to digitally record our entire set and give us the tape to do as we wish. We posted two videos from this show on YouTube about a year ago (Burning Mirage and Transatlantic Orbit), and now finally the rest of them are here. You can see the entire show in its original order with this embedded YouTube player. You can view all 13 songs in any order or play them all! Enjoy!

HBISM 2008

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