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Sandstorm Review by Phil Dirt of Reverb Central

The Madeira – Sandstorm * * * * *
Label: Double Crown DCCD CD

If there’s just one word for this CD, it’s Adventure. This is a superbly produced CD, not just in sound, but in arranging and writing and playing. The music is very engaging and very good! Highly recommended!

Picks: 'Sandstorm!’, 'Cordoba’, 'El Caliph’, 'Burning Mirage’, 'Rogue Wave’, 'The Secret Route’, 'Desert Drums’, 'Ricochet’, 'Crescent Moon’, 'Across The Dunes’, 'Express To Baghdad’, 'The Oasis’

Sun & Sand * * *
“Sun & Sand” is a lush minute-long guitar vision of things to come. Very pretty.

Sandstorm! * * * * *
Prepare to rock! “Sandstorm!” is a stunning piece of music with a heavy rhythm and great energy. The impeccable playing and production deliver this hard driving song with all the panache required. Great!

Cordoba * * * * *
Infectious rhythms and thundering bass support a wonderful melody. Fire and danger, and abundant adventure. There’s mystery and risk, and high adventure over every dune. Thoroughly cool!

El Caliph * * * * *
Great tribal drums, the rhythm of “Mar Gaya,” and a dark Middle Eastern melody line that portrays danger. This chunky and very cool track commands your attention from every angle. Wonderful!

Burning Mirage * * * * *
Immense spunk and traveling adventure are evident in every dramatic bar of “Burning Mirage.” The muted surf rhythm is superb!

Rogue Wave * * * *
With the stinging fire of the Atlantics, “Rogue Wave” rocks and churns, relentlessly carrying you off to the that hazardous perfect ride. Intense, powerful, and fiery!

The Secret Route * * * *
Haunting and somewhat ominous, “The Secret Route” tells a tale of a journey fraught with risk and adventure. Bing and visual, with drama and intense emotional content.

Desert Drums * * * * *
The drums rock, the guitars rule, and the bass thunders. Highly infectious, “Desert Drums” virtually drags you out to your roadster for a drive down highway 1. What a fine track. It’s thoroughly enjoyable and full of fire.

Ricochet * * * * *
The circular riffs of “Ricochet” call on Gypsy moodiness and the Atlantics’ spunk. Big drama, open space, and a panoramic visual sense. This is a huge and commanding piece of music.

Crescent Moon * * * *
Softly painting a landscape of desert mystery and intrigue, the rhythm and lead guitar compliment each other very well. Big drama in the cymbals, and a soft moodiness in the bass. Very richly arranged.

Across The Dunes * * * * *
Once past the intro, “Across The Dunes” becomes a raucous and galloping number with a very engaging sound. On first listen, it draws you into its clutches. A great arrangement, great writing, and solid playing here!

Express To Baghdad * * * * *
This is an Atlantics’ song carried to its logical conclusion. Wonderful drums, big panoramic sound, sweeping energy, and a haunting sense. “Express To Baghdad” is very well adapted to the Madeira’s sound, yet remains very complimentary to the original.

The Oasis * * * *
Softly delicate, “The Oasis” slowly moves across a sunset dune, giving a warming but distant view of a small group of palms. It’s a very pretty song.

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