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The Madeira

When you think of instrumental surf music, you immediately think “retro.” Sure, the genre has seen significant revivals over the years, but the general perception is still based on the legends of the past and the style’s inherent conventions. But unbeknownst to the mainstream, there’s a growing wave of progressive, inventive surf music being created across the world with The Madeira riding the crest. Ancient Winds, released in September on Double Crown Records, is The Madeira’s crowning achievement, gaining overwhelming praise from press and fans around the world. The band’s fourth full-length studio album (and sixth release overall) is a wonderfully diverse record, combining the band’s impeccable musicianship with inventive songwriting to create what’s justifiably been called the surf album of 2015. Chad Shivers of Southern Surf Stomp even calls it “the greatest surf album of all time.” Yes, it’s that good. [Stream free preview tracks] The album kicks off with Journey to the Center of the Surf and takes listeners on a epic adventure through 12 original songs, plus a cover of Coral Island by The Atlantics. This is not all shiny, happy surf music. It’s also dark and intense. The theme involves the Mediterranean, and the music is decidedly European in its classicism. Ancient Winds features songwriting collaborations with many revered surf musicians, including members of The Atlantics, Los Twang Marvels and the TomorrowMen. The Madeira formed in 2004 in Indianapolis and features lead guitarist Ivan Pongracic of the 1990s instrumental surf icons the Space Cossacks.

-The Atomic Grog

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