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Slams Reviews Ancient Winds

If you don't know who The Madeira are you should. Hell they are arguably one of the best bands in any genre on planet. Sure it's high praise but when you consider the fact that this a band that constantly raises the bar and is respected by a whack of musicians, you just know their good. With every album they get better and gain more attention. Too many this is the surf band that is going to "break out" and have mainstream success. The band's 5th album  "Ancient Winds" has been hotly anticipated and rightfully so. This puppy washes ashore with 12 originals  and 1 cover of instrumental surf that deliver the goods. Again the band pushes the boundaries of the surf genre and what one thinks surf should be. Dragging influences from traditional surf to world beat , " Ancient Winds"  picks up where  "Tribal Fires" left off and the result is a truly stunning album. Highlights include: "Journey to the Center of the Surf", "Here Be Dragons", " Caravela" and "Hail, Poseidon!".

This time out The Madeira seem more driven, like a band on mission and as a result "Ancient Winds" is their best effort yet. Simply put; this is top shelf by one of the best bands out there and you gotta ask yourself: "just how good can these guys get?". Highly recommended!!!

-John Slams, Slams Reviews

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