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New Gandy Dancer reviews Sonic Cataclysm

The Madeira - Sonic Cataclysm: Live CD - Reviewed in New Gandy Dancer #116

10th anniversary now of the USA surf/instro band The Madeira, and here's their first live set! Recorded at Melody Inn, Indianapolis December 2013 over two nights, the band give us a mix of their superb originals, covers (Dick Dale's "Night Rider", "Fender IV's "Everybody UP!" and Los Relampagos' "Macarena") and new material from their next album. Recorded and mixed by Tommy Schichtel of The Concussions. They have been one of the most reliable bands for some time now and their show is laced with the great licks and chops that make all their studio sets so popular. There's a decent pub atmosphere and response, and we'd say even if you don't care for live albums, give this a go owing to the high calibre playing. Excellent set. * * * *

New Gandy Dancer #116


-- Davy

New Gandy Dancer #116

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