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Tribal Fires review from Tiki Magazine

The Madeira's Tribal Fires from the Spring/Summer 2012 Tiki Magazine.

Wow. Just plain Wow! The Madeira, led by legendary Space Cossacks guitar virtuoso Ivan Pongracic, continue to prove why they are one of the most influential and oft-referenced contemporary surf bands in the world. A palpable energy, explorations into musical exoticism, top-notch musicality, memorable songwriting, extensive variety -- Tribal Fires has it all and then some! There really aren't enough superlatives to explain how good this album is. Of particular interest to Tikiphiles are their interpretations of Lecuona's classic "Jungle Drums," and the mellow Atlantics' classic "Giant." The beautifully designed packaging by Ferenc Dobronyi further increases desirability.

Jonpaul Balak
Tiki Magazine

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