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Double Crown Records Rehearsal Recordings Review

Note: This review is from the magazine "The Continental #12"

The Madeira - Rehearsal Recordings (CD-R) * * * * ½

The Madeira is the new combo featuring guitarist Ivan Pongracic, formerly of The Space Cossacks. First off, I was pleased by the fact that the sound of his new band is not too far removed from his old band. It really sounds like a natural progression, with the same power and energy infused with more diverse melodies. Their sound is kind of a blend of vintage Atlantics and Spotnicks. It's obvious that they have taken their time writing these songs - there is nothing simple and straight-forward about these compositions. Despite being a "rehearsal recording" it actually sounds better than some Double Crown recordings we have released over the years. With a little tweaking (in my mind, very little tweaking) they already have a strong 14 track debut release in their hands.

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