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Carpe Noctem Review from New Gandy Dancer

The Madeira – Carpe Noctem (Double Crown) DCCD30
4 stars out of 4

It’s the second full-length release by The Madeira, who again exert a very different, mystic, middle eastern feel to their clean cut rock instrumentals. Most of their tracks here have a very different 'mystic’ guitar sound on strong originals and two lively covers including “SOS (Stomp On Stomp)” by The Atlantics. The title track is a wistful kaleidoscope with a 1962 Jet Harris sounding lead. (There’s also the Jet Harris 6-string bass sound on “El Flaco”). “Wreak Havoc!” carries the Dick Dale thunder trill while “Rolling Thunder” has great galloping drums, typical of the great drumming throughout. There’s acoustic, there’s percussion, deft playing and skill all through this set. A unique album by a unique band. Loved it.

NGD 5518

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