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HangNine Review of Carpe Noctem

Who are they? Latest band to feature the considerable guitar playing skills of former Space Cossacks frontman, Ivan Pongracic. If you know the sound of the Space Cossacks, or have been lucky enough to hear either of the earlier Madeira releases (which somehow we have not been!), then you’ll know to expect music of the highest quality from this album. You’re unlikely to be disappointed.

What’s good? Grandeur (Carpe Noctem itself), maniacal double-picked mayhem (Wreak Havoc, Rolling Thunder, The Saracen), several nice tunes perched somewhere between two more of Ivan’s major influences, the Shadows and the Atlantics (Undercurrents, El Flaco, SOS) and a couple of more acoustic and reflective numbers (Infidel and End of the Circle).

Six-string bass guitar – we like six-string bass guitar!

What’s bad? Not a whole lot really.

HangNine Rating: AFB – Better even than absolutely brilliant. All of this is very good. If you like this genre of music, you really should buy/see this.

Visit the Madeira website for more details. Then buy this album. Then stick it on your iPod. Modern surf of the highest order!

Jon Deadman

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