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What's Up! Magazine Review of Ruins

Surf rock comes barreling down the pipe and crashes somewhere between Dick Dale & His Deltones and The Surfaris in The Madeira’s new five-track EP “Ruins”. The EP is on the heels of their December 2005 release “Sandstorm”. The Madeira’s rapid-fire surf rock plunges the listener between TV channels playing Pulp Fiction and Hawaii Five-O but leaves you with the urge to clench a rose between your teeth and thrash out a forbidden dance under Andalusian moonlight. But this Indiana quartet also showcases some of the great international surf rock composers such as Dick Dale, who wrote “Miserlou” which was originally released in 1962 but came back around for the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, guitarist Shigeo Naka from The Surf Coasters in Japan, and guitar sensation “Phantom” Frank Gerritsen from The Treble Spankers in Holland. To me, this whole EP was a great listen and transports you to Spain or Malibu or wherever your mind takes you. The breakout track, however, would have to be “The Victor” written by Dick Dale.

Lance Henderson
What's Up! Magazine

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