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Brave New Surf compilation release & Indy show!

November 26, 2011

Brave New Surf

Hello Madeira friends!

We are very very pleased to let you know about the imminent release of Brave New Surf (Double Crown Records), a new compilation of modern surf music, with a brand new Madeira track! This is a collection of the best of modern instrumental surf music from around the world, compiled by Madeira’s own Ivan Pongracic, as well as Sean Berry, the head of Double Crown Records. It features 20 tracks by surf bands from around the world, all from 2008 or later, four tracks being previously unreleased. Among those is the Madeira’s “Witch Doctor.” Here’s the full tracklist (with the previously unreleased tracks in italics):

  1. El Supernaut – Wonderman from Intiö
  2. Los Twang! Marvels – Sea of Glory
  3. El Ray – Cherry Cheeks
  4. The Coffin Daggers – Borgo Pass
  5. Aqualads – Washout
  6. The TomorrowMen – Momentium
  7. The Phantom Four – El Palmero
  8. Atomic Mosquitos – Mosquito Royale
  9. Los Kahunas – 7 Mares
  10. The Bambi Molesters – As the Dark Wave Swells
  11. The Barbwires – La Caja del Muerto
  12. Frankie & the Pool Boys – Ewa on the Beach
  13. The Thunderchiefs – Estratosfera
  14. The Secret Samurai – The Khazar
  15. The Madeira – Witch Doctor
  16. The Eliminators – Walking Tall
  17. Surfer Joe – The North Swell
  18. The Deadbeats – Karabasan
  19. Daikaiju – Laser Runner
  20. The Anacondas – Floating Home

The CD will get a huge promotional push by the label, as our goal is to get it in the hands of as many radio shows, press outlets, zines, blogs, etc., as possible in order to expose the maximum number of people to the creativity, vibrancy and excitement of the modern surf scene. A Kickstarter campaign intended to raise some extra promotional funds was kicked off last night, and has reach the minimum goal of $300 within the first 12 hours! However, any extra money raised by the campaign will also go towards promotion, allowing the label to send more copies to more media outlets, so if you are interested in supporting the modern surf music scene, please consider donating.

There is also a new dedicated website for this release ( which features samples of the songs, band videos, plus a lot of information about the comp and the bands involved.

We think this is an extremely exciting project which could potentially expose many more people to our favorite music and build up our audience. We hope you will pick up the CD, maybe give a bit of money for promotion – and maybe even pick up a few extra copies to stuff in the stockings of your family and friends!

Also, we will play our final show of the year at the Melody Inn on Friday, December 2nd. We’ll be playing with two non-surf bands, which is always fun – we get to mix it up and play our music to a new audience. The other bands are excellent, and it promises to be a very fun night! We hope some of you can join us – here are the details:

Friday, December 02, 2011
The Melody Inn, 3826 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, IN
With: Deadbeat Darling (from NYC) and Dream Thieves (from Iowa City)
Doors at 9 pm, show at 10 pm (the Madeira goes on second, around 11 pm)

This will be our last show until the CD release show on March 2nd. The album is currently being mixed. Stay tuned for more info about all this soon.

Happy holidays, and hope to see you on Friday! And hope you all like Brave New Surf, and our new track on there!

– The Madeira