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Madeira Interview on SurfGuitar101 Podcast

August 20, 2008

Hello all:

The brand new podcast features a 15-minute interview with Ivan, Dane and Todd (conducted just over two weeks ago in SoCal as part of the Surf Guitar 101 Convention), two songs from our new CD “Carpe Noctem,” as well as an additional hour of some amazing surf music from around the world! (The second part of our interview will appear in the next podcast, in about a month.) As you’ll hear, we had a really good day – and show – before the interview and were in a happy and relaxed mood! Huge thanks go to Danny Snyder (the TomorrowMen, Meshugga Beach Party, Pollo del Mar) for doing such a wonderful job with the interview, and to Lady Reverb for hosting a great show and including us in it!

The podcast can be found here. It is also downloadable direct from iTunes for free – just search within iTunes for and download episode 3.

We hope you enjoy it.
The Madeira

– The Madeira