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March 01, 2008

Hello all!

We’ve been very quiet for quite a few months now, but that doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening! In fact, A LOT has been happening.

First, some good news: the Madeira is featured in the April issue of Guitar Player magazine in a column “MySpace Hordes” where editor-in-chief Michael Molenda picks his favorite eight MySpace artists every month. He gave the song “Cordoba” a very nice (albeit short) review – see the Press page.

Second, our new CD is almost done!!! It will be titled “Carpe Noctem”, and it will be coming out on Double Crown Records in June. We recorded it between Christmas and New Year’s, and we are just waiting for our engineer to mix it (the mixing will begin in about a week or two). We are very excited about it, and think it’s even better than “Sandstorm”! It’s definitely a more diverse album. The few people that have heard the songs (rough mixes) have been very enthusiastic about them (thanks, Mom & Dad! :). We’ll be putting up a couple of new tracks on our websites as soon as they’re mixed and mastered – so probably in mid-to-late-April. For the moment check out the front cover of the album on the front page of the site and take a listen to an album preview, featuring a mix of snippets of the album songs – we hope you like what you see and hear!

Third, after a pretty slow ’07, we have much more live activity planned for ’08. We begin with an Indy show on March 28th, then follow that in late May with a 3-day tour East Coast tour (Washington, DC, New Jersey or Maryland, and New York). Then in early August we hit Southern California again for three shows (San Diego, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach). Go to the Shows page on the site for further details. We’ll be joined by many fantastic surf bands for all these shows, including the Cocktail Preachers, the Coffin Daggers, the Atomic Mosquitos, Pollo del Mar, Secret Samurai, the Detonators, the Aquasonics, the Insect Surfers, and many more. It’s gonna be FUN!!! We hope to add a few more local shows throughout the year, so keep an eye on our gig page, and we hope to see you at one of these gigs this year!

That’s it! Thanks for supporting our band, and have a great Spring!

– Ivan