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January 28, 2007

Thanks to those of you that came to the Melody Inn show on January 26th. It was a big success, and we DEFINITELY won over the mostly-surf-uneducated crowd, who, it’s safe to say, were simply blown away. Expect more of these mixed bills in the future given how well this one went.

Our “Live Track of the Week” giveaway is now finished. It’s been a lot of fun to do, and has gotten more people to check out our websites and introduce them to our music. The winners were:

We have put up all six live tracks (plus a bonus!) on our website now, so you can listen to them to your heart’s content!

The next show will be at Mo’s Loading Dock in Indianapolis on Saturday, March 10th. We are hoping to have a couple of special surprises that show. One thing which we will not keep as a surprise is that we will very likely unveil several new songs that night, maybe as many as six, all destined to make our next album! We hope to see you there! Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your winter – may it be mild!