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The Madeira plays surf music born of screaming wind over the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert, deafening echoes of waves pounding the Gibraltar Rock, joyous late-night gypsy dances in the small towns of Andalucia, and exotic cacophony of the Marrakesh town square. It is the surf music of the millennia-old Mediterranean mysteries.

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Upcoming Shows

  • Saturday, August 18: The Anchor's Bend, Asbury Park, New Jersey
  • Saturday, September 15: Slovenian National Home, Indianapolis, Indiana

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What people are saying about Ancient Winds...

“ It's difficult to imagine, but The Madeira just keep getting better and better... The guitar sounds are utterly superb, the playing is spot on, the band is as tight as anything, the arrangements are top notch and, in [lead guitarist] Ivan [Pongracic] and rhythm guitarist Patrick O'Connor, they have two terrific tunesmiths... Occasionally, I get this terrible fear of not being able to convey in print just how good an album is - and this is one such example. Doh!!! Ancient Winds is fully deserving of our Album of the Year award for 2015, just go buy it! ”

Alan Taylor, Pipeline Instrumental Review (UK) 99

“ Ancient Winds stands like a giant above all other releases from 2015. In fact, I might go so far as to say it's the greatest surf album of all time. [T]hey are a group whose members are some of the greatest instrumentalists in their (or any) genre and the songwriting is unparalleled... The album plays out like an epic, taking the listener on a heroic journey not unlike that of Odysseus. I absolutely love the music, the concept, and even the beautiful artwork which would look positively stunning on a record sleeve, hint hint. ”

Chad Shivers, Southern Surf Stomp

“ Again the band pushes the boundaries of the surf genre... and the result is a truly stunning album. This time out the Madeira seem more driven, like a band on a mission, and as a result "Ancient Winds" is their best effort yet. Simply put, this is top shelf by one of the best bands out there, and you gotta ask yourself, just how good can these guys get? Highly recommended!!! ”

Slams Reviews

“ The whole album is huge, has a legendary feel to it, and bounding it together is a relentless pulsating rhythm. ”

Hunter King, Runner-up for "Gremmy Awards 2015: Best Modern Instro Record 2015", Storm Surge of Reverb

“ In their new material, the American instrumental surf music quartet added various mythological references to its arid, aquatic world and crystal clear sound. The result is a story told through songs without the need for words. ”

Rodrigo Herrero, "THE BEST FOREIGN ALBUMS OF 2015", Musica Inclasificable (Mexico)

“ This is the band’s fourth CD release and probably their most ambitious and best-recorded to date. Everybody wants to tag this a “surf instrumental” record, but don't let that sway you from checking this out if you consider surf music long outdated and lacking of much contemporary verisimilitude. These four guys are consummate musicians who bring a great deal of heaviness to the party [and] truly raise the standard for non-traditional instrumental rock that’s being recorded and played live these days, surf or otherwise. ”

John Blair, THEE surf music historian and lead guitarist of Jon & the Nightriders, pioneers of the surf music revival via an Amazon Review

“ If any album this year was burdened by enormous expectations, it certainly would be the most recent release by The Madeira, a surf music quartet at the top of its genre. Fortunately, the album meets those high expectations. "Ancient Winds" shows the richness that can be generated by this instrumental genre. After touring through the sandy deserts of the Sahara as well as the tribal jungles, this new sea journey is an example of how to tell stories without the need for words, but more importantly, without falling into clichés or blatant copy like so many groups that abound today. ”

Musica Inclasificable

“ The Madeira take listeners on a journey around the Mediterranean and show that surf rock appeals to more than beach bums. With plenty of reverb in the guitars and dynamic contrasts by the drums, “Ancient Winds” is an excellent example of contemporary surf rock. ”

Hillsdale Collegian

“ Using classic surf music as its primary touchstone, Ancient Winds still sounds utterly contemporary. The Madeira takes surf guitar tropes and adds edge, darkness, complexity... There’s no kitsch here, no hokum or retro, only a serious band that unpacks some serious chops and also works the riffs in a gleefully satisfying way, suggesting Moorish Spain as channeled through a Fender Twin Reverb... [T]he Ancient Wind’s appeal: a record where you can land on any track and find a great cut, where the reverb and amplification are so saturated they push the riffs close to the edge, folding them inward until they almost disappear into a beautiful Kashmir cloud... Here is the rumble of Link Wray and the speed of Dick Dale, a raw danger that deserves greater exposure and acknowledgement in mainstream rock... [T]he artistry and musicianship on display on Ancient Winds shows there are other shores the surf can land on. Here be dragons, indeed. ”

Craig Breaden, Progarchy

“ Ancient Winds is the Madeira’s crowning achievement, gaining overwhelming praise from press and fans around the world... A wonderfully diverse record, combining the band’s impeccable musicianship with inventive songwriting to create what’s justifiably been called the surf album of 2015. The album takes listeners on an epic adventure. ”

The Atomic Grog

What people are saying about Sonic Cataclysm...

“ The Madeira’s four CDs are all highly recommended for their quality of style, playing and sound, but even then they hardly prepare you for this, aptly titled, Sonic Cataclysm... An explosively powerful blast of reverb guitar, lashing rhythms, pumping bass and furious drums... Surely the best live album of the modern surf age... These guys are on top of their game and they have the compositions to match... A stunning album. Highly recommended for fans of surf guitar and of a fiery '60s instrumental style. Even if you already have all of their CDs you still need this one. In fact, if you have them all then you most definitely need this one. ”

Alan Taylor, Pipeline Instrumental Review

“ The Madeira go about their business like they're masters of the beach. The hour-plus recording features a lot of fan favorites, some new tracks and infectious energy throughout…tantalizing riffs... intoxicating exotic aura... luscious licks... Sonic Cataclysm is a showcase of the Madeira's total control of this underground genre... Incredible attention to detail and the urgency within their musicianship. One doesn't have to be an expert on the genre to really enjoy or get what the Madeira are doing. Even ocean-haters will fall under the spell of the six-minute "Intruder." The song dips and rises with ease, ripping off some incredible riffs that'll have listeners searching for the city's nearest surfboard shop. ”

Drew Beringer, NUVO

“ They have been one of the most reliable bands for some time now and their show is laced with the great licks and chops that make all their studio sets so popular... even if you don't care for live albums, give this a go owing to the high calibre playing. Excellent set. ”

Davy Peckett, New Gandy Dancer

“ A flood, a tidal wave and, yes, a cataclysm of sound. The only thing I can envision as being more enticing than this CD is to have been in attendance, too. Sonic Cataclysm unveils a treasure trove of sound. The Madeira are on stage, so you know the CD is going to be great. The audience agrees. From start to finish they never fail to show their appreciation. And, as the audience will attest, Sonic Cataclysm is filled with mega E-X-C-I-T-E-M-E-N-T. This CD has a ton of latent power just waiting to be released. It's bound to make one helluva sound when it hits the CD player. ”

What people are saying about Tribal Fires...

“A 13-track masterpiece. It's filled with an all-encompassing atmosphere of awe and mystique that will mesmerize you from start to finish. A total must-have. There is no letup, absolutely no letup, in the quality of the tracks on this outstanding CD. Each song is a work of art.”


“Five stars! The Madeira just keep producing exceptionally fine instrumental music. I love this album!”

Phil Dirt,

“The Madeira are on top of their game here. 'Tribal Fires' is an album that raises the bar for other surf bands. Recommended!”

Johnny Slams,

“The quality of surf music on this album is unreal. Everyone is playing at a level that hadn’t been reached before on prior releases, albums that are by no means of the imagination products of half-hearted work. The song arrangement is pretty smart, producing not a collection of songs but an overall experience that is lacking in a lot of modern ‘albums.’ Definitely one of the best albums of the year.”

Strange Jason, Gravedigger's Local 16

“‘Tribal Fires’ is by far the best album in the genre that we've heard so far this year. An instrumental and conceptual trip into the dark jungle with ultra-intense passages, enigmatic atmospheres and absolutely captivating melodies.”

Diego RJ, Spanish public radio show El Sótano (The Basement)

“The Madeira retain the melodic approach of '60s guitar instrumentals to which they apply the adrenaline-charged drive and sounds of surf music. [T]hey play as if surf and rock instrumentals still mattered as much as they did five decades ago. [An] outstanding release from the Madeira.”

Alan Taylor, Pipeline Instrumental Review.
Tribal Fires is #1 on editor Alan Taylor's Top Ten list, Pipeline Instrumental Review #90, Winter 2012

“Wow. Just plain Wow! The Madeira continue to prove why they are one of the most influential and oft-referenced contemporary surf bands in the world. A palpable energy, explorations into musical exoticism, top-notch musicality, memorable songwriting, extensive variety -- Tribal Fires has it all and then some! There really aren't enough superlatives to explain how good this album is.”

Jonpaul Balak, Tiki Magazine

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