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California Tour 2008 Reviews

These comments are taken from the 16-page thread about the SoCal Surf Guitar 101 Convention weekend which can be accessed in its entirety here. We just compiled the comments about the Madeira here, but please check out the site and read the whole thread to fully grasp the magnitude of the entire weekend. It was an unforgettable and very special event.

O'Connells, San Diego 8/1/08

Ruhar (Ryan Ruiz, The Secret Samurai): Wow, what a night!! It was a great way to kick off this weekend’s festivities. I started the day off by hosting The Madeira at our rehearsal room so that they could get in a practice before this weekend’s shows. It was definitely a treat to watch these guys rehearse. As everyone knows, they are incredibly talented musicians. It was great to finally meet Ivan face to face. For those that have not met him, he is a very a down to earth and personable guy. Playing on the same stage as Ivan was a huge honor. The rest of The Madeira are all equally great guys. It was a real pleasure hanging out with Ivan, Patrick, Dane and Todd. You guys rule!

The turn out at O’Connells was good considering we had to change venues three weeks from the gig. So thank you to everybody that came out!! We started the night off with about a 45 minute set.

The Madeira followed in what could be called an absolute sonic assault! Absolutely incredible performance by Ivan, Patrick, Dane and Todd. Ivan used my rig and I can tell you that I could not recognize the sound coming from my amp, because it has never made those sounds for me

Brian Neal (SG101 head honcho): The Madeira were just incredible, they really locked into something and blew everyone away. I had seen these guys 6 times before this show, so I knew what to expect, and they did not disappoint. They were truly on fire and put out such a tremendous amount of firepower. Highlights for me included the new songs The Saracen, the haunting Undercurrents, Wreak Havoc, Surf Fidelis, Sahar, as well as songs from the 1st album: Rogue Wave (complete with the jaw-dropping solo), and Sandstorm. And they played my favorite cover of theirs: Dick Dale’s The Victor as well as The Treble Spankers’ “Dilmohammed”. There is nothing better than their version of The Victor with Patrick’s hellacious rhythm guitar part. Just like it was meant to be played! Hell I might as well mention their entire set list as my favorite. The guys were in top form. Dane was smiling and wailing away, Patrick’s right hand was a blur, Todd was locked in, and Ivan was tearing it up. They closed the set with a truly amazing cover of the Space Cossacks’ (Ivan’s old band) “Planet of the Apes”. Wow! These guys make it look so easy. Truly a band at the top of their game. (I saw them 3 more times during my trip! Woot!)

Ben (Superwave): What a killer night. Everybody but the sound man was stoked and in top form. I had never seen The Madeira…holy flurking shnit!!!

Steve-O-San (The Secret Samurai): The Madeira were mind-blowing…“STEVE HOLT!!!!”

SG101 Convention, Suzy's, Hermosa Beach 8/2/08

Wooza (Ben, the Deadbeats): The Madeira followed, and excuse me while I gather my brains off the floor because I just blew my mind again just thinking about it. Can enough be said about these guys? I’ve already given them my share of crazed fanboy praise, but I can’t help it. They’ve taken their place as my favorite band and champions of the genre, and everything I love about their music came through in their live performance. Playing a great mixed set of old and new material, they just friggin’ rocked the place. All of us diehards crowded the stage for the entire set just to soak it up all the better, and it was completely awe-inspiring. Ivan’s playing is immaculate and jaw-dropping, Patrick’s rhythm work is unrivaled, Dane’s drumming is manic, and poor Todd has to hold all the mayhem together. They all do it like pros and just put on an amazing show. Just about every song was a highlight, but perhaps Sahar and The Saracen were my two favorites for the entire day. Intruder was over the top, Undercurrents was beautiful, Sandstorm and Wreak Havoc killed. The guys were getting that icepick tone characteristic of Sandstorm (the album) and that extra bite made it all the better live. Danny grabbed me and pushed me to the front of the stage right before Ivan’s solo in Rogue Wave (I’m assuming) so I could see it happen. Holy crap. How many notes does Ivan hit in the span of a couple seconds in that solo? Huge sound and huge presence—totally awe-inspiring and worth the trip in and of itself. I was juiced afterwards, and had to give everyone around me a hearty high-five in celebration.

dp (Dave Pike): The Madeira are on-stage, playin’ so freaking loud and tight…they are just like a screaming-metal-machine-of-all-surf…the walls are shakin’...the disco ball overhead is swingin’...the floors and doors are pounding…

It’s so loud, my girlfriend Tiffany seems deaf and looks like she’s going to puke any second!...

Tiffany says: “This band sounds like heavy metal…”

I said…“What? Did you say something?”

Mucho thanks to the Madeira for the monumental pounding surf they provided.

Stormtiger (Doug Paulin): The Madeira were just completely awesome, they are a perfect blend of players that have really carved out their own distinct sound, no wonder they travel so far to play together.

Captain Springfield (Warren Binder): Highlights? Too many, but Pollo del Mar, the Madeira, Eddie Bertrand (all 3 times), Secret Samurai, Dusty and Jeff’s drum-off and the ultra-heavy “Mar Gaya” are definitely a good start.

Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum 8/3/08

Trode: I woke up Sunday and could not think about anything else [but the Huntington Beach show]. I decided to talk a surfer buddy of mine into taking a chance with some live music that might be new to him. He was game. We were off to Huntington Beach. A few hours later, when we saw the Huntington Beach pier, we could hear the sounds from the bandstand. Onshore winds and a perfect beach day. The band playing was the Madeira. I caught the last half of the set. I had been witness to a live performance by the Madeira before but never like this. Words cannot describe the feeling.

Brian Neal: On Sunday there was a moment during the Madeira’s set. I was sitting next to my new best friend Danny Snyder on my right, Sarah and BTD on my left, and Baja Marty in front of us. We were right in front of the stage, trying to fit into the 5 feet of shade to get out of the Huntington Beach sun. The Madeira were closing with The Intruder (and just freaking NAILING THE CRAP OUT OF IT), Marty was going nuts, everyone was smiling and bobbing along, I was on the beach with such beautiful scenery all around, it was just the coolest thing ever. I really felt something very special and moving there. Thanks to all of you. You are the best.

Danny Snyder: A perfect moment to be sure, shared with the best people.

Jeff “Big Tiki Dude” Hanson: Wow, agreed, I had the same feeling too. I wanted to say something then, but every time I tried to say something during the song, about what I was feeling, I got all choked up. You guys are the best. And I hope to see you all many more times in my life. I truly feel sometimes like I am blessed to have such great friends and be surrounded by so much great music. It’s what keeps me going. I want to say more, but I’m at a loss and it’s hard to see the screen thru my tears of joy.

Sound of the Surf Documentary Filming 8/4/08

HBKahuna (Tim Ferrill): Just got home from12.5 hours of filming “Sound Of The Surf”. The Madeira were filmed in the studio in a very controlled professional environment to feature them at their absolute very best. Those that were there will attest they delivered. The Madeira played with such intensity that Patrick’s hands were bleeding. My lovely bride who is no fan of surf music even enjoyed them. Being a native of Indiana, she visited with them extensively in the green room. I think her comment was “Really nice guys even if they are from Indiana.” Of the entire weekend, nicest bunch of people I have ever hung with. The Surfaris tore it up old school. Amazing. Tell all your friends to look for this project. All in all what a great bunch of people to meet & spend the weekend with.

Brian Neal: I spent almost all day today watching Tom Duncan (tdsurf) taping The Madeira and The Surfaris for his documentary. Tom is doing an amazing job! It is a wall to wall professional deal, and he’s got John Blair and Tim Ferrill doing lots of hard but amazing work. I cannot wait for this to come out, it is going to be so killer! Thank you so much Tom for letting me come and hang out! And I got to hang out with Paul Johnson, Eddie Bertrand, John Blair, and The Madeira! I cannot tell you how special this weekend has been. And to think I was actually thinking about not coming briefly. I got to hear The Madeira play at least two versions of 6 or 7 more songs today. Wow, that is 4 days of the Madeira straight! HELL YES!

Ruhar (Ryan Ruiz, the Secret Samurai): I also had the privilege of attending the filming of The Madeira. I can’t thank Ivan enough for extending me the invitation. It was a day I will not soon forget. Tom is creating an incredible piece of work!! Ivan is much more than an iconic guitarist/songwriter. He, like all great economists, is a student of history. His knowledge and perception of the history of both original and modern instrumental music is profound. Beyond that, he is one hell of a nice guy. Very down to earth. We are lucky to have him in the surf community.

General Comments

mom_surfing (Carol): speaking of cool…....the Madeira. Who taught that guy to play guitar? Can Patrick play a little faster next time? I loved Todd, their bass player, too.

Websurfer: I keep thinking of the Madeira——I mean, I know lots of bands were there and playing awesomely, BUT…. are they like the Iron Men of surf bands, or what?? They fly in, rehearse—hit the stage in San Diego, up the coast for two consecutive days of shows—then finish with a special taping, and by all accounts, never letting up on the energy. Inspiring dedication.

Danny Snyder: Highlights: Watching the Madeira play 3 times – Ivan noticed my constantly beatific smile the entire time they played, I couldn’t help it. Pure bliss. Ivan’s solo in Rogue Wave RAWK! They set the bar for all us in-between trad/non-trad surf bands. I don’t hesitate in stating that the Madeira are my favorite surf band playing today. I really hope they can continue playing together, which they told me they plan to.