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Introducing "Ancient Winds", our new album!

August 19, 2015

Hello Madeira friends!

Ancient WindsWe are excited to announce the release of “Ancient Winds” (Double Crown DCCD 65), our fourth full-length studio album (and our sixth release overall)! After ten years of adventures through the lethal deserts of the Sahara and the dark and mysterious depths of the sub-Saharan jungles, the Madeira have now set sail for the unexplored waters of the Mediterranean Sea in search of a sea monster to slay. The 13 songs (12 originals and a cover of the Atlantics’ “Coral Island”) take the listener on a nautical adventure unprecedented in the annals of surf music!

Here’s the full tracklist:

  1. Journey to the Center of the Surf
  2. Hail, Poseidon!
  3. Ancient Winds
  4. Sirena
  5. Caravela
  6. Farthest Shore
  7. Dawn in Cadiz
  8. Coral Island
  9. Prelude to Launch
  10. The Argonaut
  11. Here Be Dragons
  12. Leviathan
  13. Into the Deep

“Ancient Winds” is also notable for songwriting collaborations with some of the leading classic and modern surf musicians: “The Argonaut” was co-written with the legendary surf guitarist Jim Skiathitis of Australia’s iconic surf band the Atlantics; “Dawn in Cadiz” was co-written with Alex Anthony Faide of Los Twang! Marvels; “Sirena” with Danny Snyder of the TomorrowMen; and “Hail, Poseidon!” with Jeremy DeHart of Aqualads! Each of these remarkable musicians put his own stamp on these songs, giving the album exciting new breadth and range.

You can now stream and/or download three songs (“Journey to the Center of the Surf," “Hail, Poseidon!” and “Ancient Winds”) on our Songs page. The official album release date is September 1, 2015 at which point it will be available from Double Crown Records, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, etc. You will also be able to buy the CDs at our Milwaukee Surf Cruise show on Saturday, August 29th (sharing the bill with the Revomatics – only a handful tickets left at this point, about 12 – get them quick if you wish to go!) as well as at our two album release shows: on Friday, September 4th at Mike’n’Molly’s in Champaign, IL (with the Revomatics and Go! Tsunami), and on Saturday, September 5th at The Melody Inn in Indianapolis (with the Mystery Men? and Thee Aquaholics). We very much hope you will join us at one of these very special shows – in particular the two CD release shows, were we plan to perform the new album in its entirety!

In addition to these, we will play more shows throughout the region this Fall, including Cincinnati and Chicago in October, Lafayette in November, and hopefully two more shows in December, yet to be confirmed. The Chicago show on October 24th will be a very special one – we were invited to perform at the Saturday night showcase for the first ever CD Baby DIY Musician Conference at the historic Congress Plaza Hotel. The conference is designed to address the needs of independent musicians and supply them with practical advice that will help move their careers forward. We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful event, and are very grateful to the organizers for including us. See more info here. Also, check out our Shows page for more details on the other shows.

We hope you enjoy the three new tracks, and look forward to seeing you at one of our many coming shows!

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

-The Madeira