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FOUR weeks to the Sonic Cataclysm shows in Indy!

November 09, 2013

Hello Madeira friends!

We are only FOUR weeks away now from the two shows we'll be recording for a live album!  Just to remind you, they'll be on Friday, December 6th (joined by the Volcanos and the Concussions) and Saturday, December 7th (joined by Patrick's OTHER two bands, Five Year Mission and the Shake Ups, both of whom will be playing their CD release shows), at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis.  We very much hope you'll be able to join us for this epic event!!! (Well, at least we really, REALLY hope it'll be an epic event! :) ) If you're anywhere in the vicinity - defined as a 500-mile radius around Indy!!! - that weekend, please consider coming - we guarantee it's gonna be a BLAST!! In fact, a real CATACLYSM!  AND, how many times do you get a chance to be recorded for a live CD (assuming you shout and clap loud enough, of course)???

Here are the Facebook event pages for both nights:

Come help us turn these two nights into a party to be remembered - and preserved - for the ages!!

Hope to see you in four weeks!!
The Madeira