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Milwaukee cruise boat show report

July 30, 2013

Hello Madeira friends!

Our show in Milwaukee with the Exotics and the Cocktail Preachers on a cruise boat on July 12th was absolutely AMAZING!  In fact, it was one of our very favorite shows we have ever played. The boat was full (200 people), and everybody came to have a good time!  Cruising for two hours, first on the Milwaukee river with all the outdoor restaurant patrons on the shore waving at us, then around the harbor and into the darkness of Lake Michigan, well, it was unforgettable, especially since we were able to share it all with our good friends the Cocktail Preachers and the Exotics. (There were even fireworks just as we started playing! Nice!!)

Greg and Inga Gardner drove 16 HOURS ONE WAY to be at this show, all the way from Manitoba, Canada!!!  Absolutely incredible!  Greg has a surf radio show and is a huge fan, and he shot our entire set on video (in three parts), for which we are very grateful - of the many shows we've played, it's really nice to have this one in particular preserved for the ages.  Check out the videos (see below)  - the second of which contains TWO brand new Madeira originals: Caravela and The Farthest Shore.  Hope you enjoy the videos a tenth as much as we've enjoyed this show, and special thanks to Jon of the Exotics for organizing the whole thing, to Greg and Inga for driving so far and shooting these videos, and to all the wonderful people on the boat that night (maybe some of you)!

We hope you're all enjoying your summer!
The Madeira

Video 1 (in HD):

  1. Tribal Fury
  2. Surf Fidelis
  3. Cities of Gold
  4. Witch Doctor
  5. Jungle Drums
  6. Caravela (cut off)

Video 2:

  1. Jungle Drums
  2. Caravela
  3. The Farthest Shore
  4. Undercurrents
  5. Ricochet

Video 3:

  1. Sandstorm