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Pipeline honors us, NPR features us!

February 14, 2013

Hello Madeira friends!

The long-running UK surf/instro magazine Pipeline has selected "Tribal Fires" as the runner-up for the album of the year for '12! (The winner was the Finnish band the Dangermen with their great debut "Meet the Men of Danger".) Given that so many phenomenal releases came out this past year, this is a great honor. Pipeline in the past selected "Sandstorm" as runner-up for the album of the year for '06 and "Carpe Noctem" as one of two albums of the year (with Los Jets) for '08 - this kind of recognition is rare, especially for a surf band, and we are deeply grateful to Pipeline's support over the years!

The other recent big news is that on January 10th the "Morning Edition" show on National Public Radio (NPR), the most widely-listened morning show in the country, featured our own "Tribal Fury"! It was used as 'bumper music' into the bottom-of-the-hour news. The show is played on all NPR stations nationwide, so the song was heard by a lot of people. (And we did indeed get coast-to-coast reports.) You can hear the original segment here (Tribal Fury starts at 3:39). Thanks to Morning Edition and NPR!

We had a *blast* playing the Punk Rock Night to a packed house at the Melody Inn last month, and thanks to them for inviting us - we hope we get to do it again very soon. We're returning to Dayton, OH for a show with Team Void this Saturday (see the Shows page for all the details), and we hope to see some of you there! We're also returning to Michigan in April, and then off to North Carolina again for another fantastic Instro Summit in early May! Good stuff ahead - and new songs are coming along, we hope to unveil a few of them at the upcoming shows.

Finally, happy Valentine's Day - the Madeira sends you our love!
The Madeira