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August 07, 2007

We hope you're enjoying your summer. Things have been a bit quiet in the Madeira camp lately. Three reasons for that: 1) we're all keeping quite busy this summer, 2) Patrick is not as easily available anymore, and most importantly 3) we're working very hard on the songs for the next album. We have all the songs for the CD at this point (13 in total), and the recording session is booked for December. We're very excited about the new material and feel that the next CD should be a worthy follow-up to "Sandstorm". The best news; you don't have to wait until 2008 to hear the new songs! Read on...

This Saturday, August 11th, we will be returning to Columbus, Ohio for HOT ROD HULA HOP III, held again at Largo's Tavern (see our shows page). There will be vintage cars and, obviously, hot rods aplenty, many 'tiki' vendors, a burlesque show, and most importantly, a LOT of music! We will be joined by six other bands, including two other surf bands (the Coffin Daggers and Daikaiju) and various other exotica, rockabilly and garage acts. We got the prime spot this year, 9:45-10:30 pm, and our setlist will be heavy on the songs from our forthcoming album, many of them getting only their second live airing, and one or two being played live for the first time. It's gonna be a GREAT time, and we very much hope you can join us.

This will probably be our last show of the year, as we'll be concentrating on getting the new material ready for the recording. But we hope to be doing a lot more next year once the next album is out.

We hope to see you this Saturday, and thanks for all your support!

– Ivan